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Hello. How are you doing? So in today's post I will be showing what volunteer testers have made out of our patterns. A pattern tester helps to check the fit of a pattern and quality of the instruction set before we finally release.

Ekinni was the very first pattern tested.Testers varied in age, sizes, profession with varying sewing skills and experience.From the pro,full-time designer to the hobby sewists. They have rendered Ekinni in different of fabrics, and one thing I learnt is that the same design, using exact pattern but rendered in different fabric will look different in their outcome. Different fabric type of different textures and weight will behave and drape differently.
I present to you the Ekinni testers with their makes- ta daaa!

1.Goodness: Size 8
Instagram: @
The pretty Goodness, styled hers with a narrow belt. She looks like she thoroughly enjoyed modelling her dress. Her fun pictures captures the essence of the Ekinni dress- easy, comfy and playful.

2.Doyin : Size 14
Instagram: @ibileclothiers
A full time, pro designer, she has chosen a pale coloured fabric which shows off the details clearly. She makes a lovely model too.

3. Indogeist: Size 16
Who sews at night cos she works a full time job. Her choice of fabric particularly works well with the design. I am particularly thrilled about her result as she is a self-professed beginner and has never sewn on an elastic band nor french seams prior to this testing. See what you can learn by using our sewing pattern- new skills that can translate into other sewing projects.

4. Yemi : Size 20
The eldest of the Ekinni testers, she was very enthusiastic and responsive about the testing and gave me the most detailed feedback and suggestions.

5. Bimbola: Size 10
Instagram: @Arakulture
Another pro designer. While I like testers to stick to the sewing instructions given as much as possible, Bimbola brought her pattern hacking (modification) skills and I can only say Wow! She modified the skirt pattern to give a fuller sweep/hemline. Her choice of fabric and colour also makes the piece look luxurious. She accessorised with a belt made from self fabric.
When you have a well fitting pattern, such as ours:), with creativity and little modification, you can come up with something uniquely yours.

6. Ibukun: Size 12
Another hobby sewist.The amiable Ibukun.

7. Cest Moi : Size 6
Did you catch my French?

8. My Mannequin: Size 8
This is obviously not  a tester, just one of the samples made.

 Most of the testers, one way or the other, didn’t not follow the sewing instruction set to a tee, swapping "bias binding" for "bias facing" etc.  We don’t expect you to too when you finally purchase our Ekinni pattern. Bring in your creativity and make the pattern your own. 

I am grateful to the first set of testers for their time and effort. They were all very encouraging. Have you purchased your own Ekinni? When you do, please share with us what you have made with it by tagging us on Instagram. #EkinnibySewExplicit.

the Renikeji is designed for knit fabric of dress weight or considerable thickness. this style is not suitable for light weight knits, the funnel neck wouldn't hold up. if you must use light weight knits, then ensure the collar and front neck is interfaced. this pattern, I must tell you isn't for the faint-hearted. is it difficult?- No it isn't, at least the testers agree it isn't but you need to be able to follow instructions.The grown-on corsage has a special construction technique that you just need to pay close attention to get right. Don't worry, with our well illustrated instruction set and an open mind, you will get it right. Once you have mastered the concept, you can even  apply to other sewing projects of yours. We not only provide you with patterns for stylish dresses but also impart transferable sewing skills:)

1. Onome- Size 10

Doesn't she just look regal in her paisley print Renikeji?

2. Bisoye- blend of Sizes 10 & 12
She really took modelling her piece seriously:)

3. Cest Moi once again
This piece here is not exactly a sample of the current pattern available in the store. this was actually the very first sample made during product development and a number of changes have been made since then, for instance, the corsage here is tied on the left shoulder while the final pattern is designed to be tied on the right shoulder. Why is that? Simple- the majority of the populace is right handed, most right-handed ladies will carry their hand bags on their left shoulder by default. by placing the corsage on the right side, they can hang their bags on the left arm and still show off the details of the style.

Ebun is the basic tee suitable for a wide range of fabric.

Tiara Cameron- Size 6
A tester, who according to her, had before then, never sewn garment made with woven fabric though she has experience working with knit fabrics. Ebun was the first woven fabric garment she made and her lovely sister-model loves it.

Shade- Size 8
Shade has cut her own Ebun on the bias in black satin fabric (though the pattern calls for cutting on the straight grain) which gives the top a softer look. 

Do you know that you can download the Ebun pattern for free? See how here. For the other patterns, please go to the shop to get yours.


  1. Well done, Omotayo. I am so happy to be a part of this.

    Best wishes always ��

  2. Well done, Omotayo. I am so happy to be a part of this.

    Best wishes always ��

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