What SewExplicit Patterns is About

In case you are wondering what SewExplicit Patterns is all about, then this post is for you.
Sewexplicit Patterns provides instantly downloadable multi-size sewing patterns that will help sewers, both beginners and experienced, create clothing either for pleasure of for business.

Our sewing patterns come with detailed illustrations to guide users, especially those that are new to dressmaking. We build your sewing repertoire by incorporating the teaching of transferrable sewing techniques in each pattern. We make your dress-making business easier by offering you a growing library of versatile styles.

Our patterns come in multiple sizes so you can fit people in a wide range of sizes without worrying about redrafting your patterns in bigger/smaller sizes each time. You can even use our well-fitting patterns as a base to generate your own unique styles so long you are up to the task. At, Sewexplicit Patterns, it is our delight to see you develop creative skills.
The Sew Explicit blog (where you at right now) is intended to be a platform to share and link to designing and sewing and resources, tutorials, update you on our latest sewing patterns and any other topic that I find interesting. 

You can try out one of our sewing patterns,for free or simply subscribe to the Newsletter. It is a basic drop shoulder top that can be made in 3 hours or less. If you are planning on making any of our sewing patterns, please download the printing and sewing guide so you know how to put the printed sheets together.
You can also check out the small collection of sewing patterns in the shop. Stroll around our site and check out the tutorials. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned.

Are you new to sewing patterns, have you used one before, is there any advice would want to give us or any question you would want to ask us? Please drop us a line in the comment section or email us here. Between there is only "me" right now and no "us" yet.