Misses Basic Bodice Block Revised and Updated

Did you download our free bodice block? Oops I just noticed a little ish on the back bodice shoulder dart. The dart legs aren’t trued, that is when you close the darts, the back shoulder line doesn’t match up properly. Did you notice? My bad. I am sorry for this oversight and I have corrected it. I have brought down the old download link and here is the link to the revised and updated pattern in Size 10 only. https://dl.orangedox.com/zouUyc47bmhWFZ20j0
 Did you purchase the full size range, please check your email for download link for the updated version.

If you have downloaded any of our patterns, I would sincerely appreciate your feedback.


So the link I posted above is for the free trouser block and not the revised basic  bodice block. I am sorry once again. Here is the new link. 


  1. Thank you Omotayo for your free patterns but the link to the misses basic bodice block you posted does not work. Kindly post a working link. Also for people who do not live in Nigeria how can we purchase the patterns from your website as the price listed is only in Naira and the payment option only accepts Simple pay and not any payment system that can be used by those who live outside Nigeria.

  2. Hello Brooks Fashion. I have updated the post with the correct link. Thanks.
    As for payment options on the website, May, I ask what country are living? the two payment processors on the website- Cashenvoy and SimplePay process US Dollars and GB Pounds. the processor will deduct the Naira equivalent. At the moment, the website is unable to accept international currencies beyond those two. I am hoping very soon, Paypal will become Nigeria friendly and allow us to accept payments from all over.
    Thanks for your interest.

  3. Than you for updating the link. I live in Canada

    1. Hello Brooks Fashion. SewExplicit Patterns is now on Etsy. I believe that will be convenient for you. Check out the Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/SewExplicit


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