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Darted Versus Dartless Bodice Block

 Is the bust fitting and back shoulder fitting darts (as shown on Diagram A ) always necessary? A number of pattern drafting methods have you draft the bodice block with a bust fitting dart in front and sometimes a short shoulder fitting dart at the back. The bust fitting dart may be positioned during drafting at the corner of the shoulder (Natalie Bray); At the corner of the Neck (Aldrich) or at the waist (Armstrong).  It is not all the time that a garment require a bust fitting dart. Instead of transferring the dart elsewhere where it would create unwanted fullness, why not start with a block that has eliminated that step (of transferring fullness) yet remains fitted?

How to Print and Assemble PDF Patterns from SewExplicit Patterns PART 1

Happy new month! In today's post I will show how to print and assemble PDF patterns from SewExplicit Patterns. Note that our PDF patterns are not "how-to-draft" illustrations but life-size patterns ready to be used to cut out your fabrics. Our PDF sewing patterns are set in A4 paper (or US Letter paper)tiles so that you can easily print at home or in your office with a regular printer. After printing in tiles, you will have to assemble the A4 ( or US Letter) tiles by pasting together to form your life-size pattern.